Flying with experience and expertise since 1969


TANZANAIR operates a fleet of single and twin engine Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft flown by the most experienced pilots in the industry.  The aircraft are also fitted with a SkyTrac unit and all flights are followed live onscreen via the satellite which enables flight tracking even in remote areas.  This system enables the pilot to send a message directly to base and vice versa at any time.

Aircraft are equipped with HF/SSB radios to communicate with base ground operations at all times and weather radar to enhance safe travel through different weather, be it day or night.


Tanzanair-Caravan-I-2009-DSM-57 The Cessna 406 known as the CARAVAN II was imported new into the country in 1993. It was the first of its kind in Tanzania and the whole of Africa. It is powered by the highly reliable PT6 turbine engines making it the fastest general aviation aircraft and capable of hauling nearly 1 tonne of cargo at 200 knots (370 kph). The flight crew for the Caravan II are Cessna Aircraft Factory trained. The Company has 2 Caravan II aircrafts.


Tanzanair_Planes_015#9B97 The fleet also consists of one executive Beechcraft KingAir B200 aircraft that carry 7 passengers each with internal baggage storage, comfortable leg room, reclining seats and full cabin pressurization.


 DSC00231 The B1900 is a 19 seater pressurised twin engine turbo prop fixed wing commuter aircraft manufactured by Beechcraft division of the Raytheon Company.


 5H-DJS The Beech King Air 350i is the Company’s top of the line model. The aircraft is a twin turbo prop, pressurized with capacity of upto 10 passengers and 2 flight crew. It can fly in excess of 300 knots (500 kph)and given its massive range, capable of flying non-stop Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg.